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Since 1978, Video Environment Plus has been delivering quality service and a wide selection of videos to residents of Albany, New York. After all of these years, Video Environment Plus is still offering friendly service and quality videos to our local customers, and we are proud of our ability to have the videos you want, when you want them.

We offer 3-night rentals for $3.00, or you can pick up a classic movie for only .99 cents for the same period of time. Our selection includes over 15,000 titles, which is a lot more than you will find in any random metal box. With our personal service, you get real information on the movies you are interested in to help you make your choice.

Plus, we don't charge you a monthly fee and we don't force you to choose from movies you may not want to watch.

Let Us Preserve Your Memories

For only $7.00 per tape, we will transfer your precious memories from VHS or 8MM tape to DVD. You can get extra copies to make sure that your family can all share in those memories for years to come.

We also sell videos, and we have prices that can't be beat. When we have had a movie in store for 30 days, we sell it for $6.99. We have adult movies for sale and rent, and we also sell used DVDs for as low as $4.00.

When you want a personalized video rental service in Albany, New York that carries the titles you want, come to Video Environment Plus. You'll love our selection and service.

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